Our Publishing Lineup

I thought I would list a lineup of our planned books, many of which are nearly ready, a lot still in production including the titles.  This list covers a rough two year timespan.



  • Sea Hounds Trilogy (Romance)
  • Hellblades (Fantasy)
  • Pulp Porn: Pirates (Anthology)
  • Pulp Porn: Werewolves (Anthology)


  • Site Diary (A week on an archaeology site)


  • Verse & Variation
  • The Secret Words of Toys
  • My Little Black Book
  • Month of March
  • River Rhymes 2012 (Possible)
  • River Rhymes 2013

Children’s Works

  • Little Druid
  • Tales of the Dragon & the Hermit


  • Oohm-Pie Loom-Pie
  • All the Pretty Little Things
  • Italian Cookbook (In Negotiation)
  • Mexican Meals (In Negotiation)
  • English Pastas
  • Canalside Cooking
  • Devil’s Dishes


  • ARRGGHH (Roleplaying game to be announced)
  • Shaman’s Dictionary (Introductory guide to shamanism)


So what would you like to know about our future schedule?  Which of our books sounds interesting to you?  And just what would you like us to tell you about them before they launch?  Let us know in our comments below.


Personal Timeline

Its been quite a while since I have updated my various websites.  There have been many reasons for this and every time I think of writing a post to update the blog I keep drawing a blank on quite what to say.  So for this reentry to the blogosphere I will keep this as a personal view.

Over the last few years things have changed so much; we no longer live in Cambridge, we live on a boat, we have a kitten, the clan has changed massively, I run a poetry festival, I’m about to launch a publishing company, my archaeology career is massively different to what it was.  The clan was originally designed as a kind of family-social group between me and Zoe and what are to follow.  But in time this has changed bit by bit until now we have a busy schedule.  Book by book I have planned and readied, so now I have 8 of my own works ready; we have three outside writers working on some projects; Zoe should have her debut ready and I have spent a long time preparing the company.

The website, all of them are going to be totally redesigned – to reflect more truly the current state of the clan.  The main website will need to reflect the company and its goals, we have a backlog of material online through all the blogs that are going to be combined in a way that gives visitors plenty of good material to read.  As well as that I will be hoping to start off supporting my authors by blogging and noting articles of interest or commenting myself on the writing sphere.  From previous experience I know how difficult it can get to find the time to blog, at certain times, whereas others I can be downright prolific so I will be seeking a balance.  And a way to give all our visitors a taste of what is going on behind the scenes, our lives, insights into our works and authors, the business and access to our published works.

Below is a rough lineup of the next year:

  • Plan the company
  • Verse & Variation launch
  • Little Druid launch
  • River Rhymes 2012 archive
  • Full publishing schedule
  • Redesigning the websites
  • The Norton Summer Dig
  • Renovate the boat
  • Sort out our storage
  • Festival for next year


One Year of Site, Clan Essays (Articles, News)

The first in a series of essays on the idea of Clan Raven Cub.  I kinda thought of updating the about page but I wasn’t sure exactly what to say in it.  This way I can gather my thoughts and give you all something to think on in the process.  This post will be about why we set up the website in the first place.

Clan Raven Cub was originally a term / concept Zoe and I had for ourselves as a couple.  We are both shamanic-practitioning-pagans.  When we originally planned our ceremonial wedding, which is still in the offing, we thought about an icon, a motto etc for us and for our future family.  The idea of Clan Raven Cub was therefore born.  We were both, now that we had been legally wed, Coileáin – the Irish form of Collins – by surname, the first of each branch in our family tree to take this name officially.

While I was working on my graphics secondment for Cam Arc, Oxford Archaeology bought us out and I was offered and encouraged to blog.  This comprised of the first six or so articles of  Libre Source and was published on their platform, since which it has been moved to the Blogger platform.  Shortly afterwards I decided it would be nice for Zoe and I to start on creating our own website and showcase.  Thus was born this blog Clan Raven Cub.  Our early posts were quite unfocused and we originally decided to put up just a small portfolio, interspersed with some messy posts on where we were planning to go.

Later on with the burgeoning of a few new sites, Puppy Journeys and In The Brew, new design to the site was underway.  As I got used to different platforms, podcasting and the like, the site really grew, meandered (like this post) and changed.  At this point the site was used mainly for news on what we were at online.  The articles section was added and since we have posted quite a lot of articles that have gained a lot of favourable review.  Since then we have started to post up the occasional creative work again to keep the site fresh.

We now have enough material on here, and online in general, to be able to run the blog as a nice ordered website with plenty of material, easily browsible.  So a year on and we have scattered and grown online, with a number of guest posts and various projects of different media and a much improved site.  We thank everyone who looks in on us regularly and hope you will stay with us in this next year!


A Shaman’s Dictionary (News)

I would like to announce yet again another departure for us, A Shaman’s Dictionary.  I have long been wanting to do a pagan production.  In particular my idea had been a podcast, but with my previous work on In The Brew I decided to try something new and look at doing a video-cast.  For simplicity’s sake I will be trying things out on YouTube and see how it goes.  Because everything is up in the air with us at the moment I can’t guarantee any form of regularity with the different shows.

Video is a particular media and it will make a difference to video, so the format of A Shaman’s Dictionary will be short and encompass a simple discussion of one single concept.  There are many differing pagan shows online but I feel I can contribute and enrich the sphere.  Indeed it is something I feel I have not done right by for far too long.  As a practising Shaman with a very good working knowledge of many different religions, myths, philosophies, spiritual paths and magical traditions my thought had been to highlight, in every show, a concept and to outline its meanings and bring forth a solid cohesive concept for people to take away.  This can help people deepen their basic and fundamental knowledge.

For many pagans philosophical / mental concepts can be at the cornerstone of their faith upon which their rituals and tools are based; for shamanism these concepts are the tools we use to transform and conduct our lives.

To visit the show click here.

To sum up for those of you who want, join us both on YouTube for our regular shows for a deeper view on life.


Fromelles the sequel (News)

Alright so those of you keeping track will know that recently there has been nothing to keep track of.  I have been quiet across the board, a mix of time-out, no time and no web-time.  If you can recall months ago Zoe left for France well I have now joined her.  I have been employed to work on this project for Oxford Archaeology and hopefully continue on back in the UK with them following this.  It will mean that Clan Raven Cub takes a different slant and we think that, with our personal goals taken into consideration we are focusing on the creation creative / otherwise projects but not on their production.  Still if interested do get in touch.  On top of this my computer blew and our backup too so a lot of our creative work is gone.  But that is more of a time waste than a serious problem.  Unfortunately it does push back my learning of flash but hey ho.

News over.  To the project, not much can be said due to the current and sensitive  nature of the project.  But I feel it important for me to emphasise just how moving and awe-inspiring an event this is to be involved in.  As a historian it has obvious importance, as a student I have learnt so much from the anthropologists present both in terms of archaeology and the evolution of the human form, as a deeply spiritual and ethical individual the scale and the reality is humbling, as an Irish man it blows me away – to empathise with men whose shoes I may well have been in one hundred years ago.  As a human it is one of the… deepest experiences I have encountered.  That is the word that most describes the experience for me.

I am enjoying France, the beer – which I will be doing a special about on In The Brew, the fresh produce to cook with, enjoying working with again and the sense of purpose that comes with earning money for yourself.  I will be looking to write a blogpost for the central site for the project.


Going Redundant! (News)

Don’t worry, the title is a mix of this news article and the last news article.  As of Monday I realised a new blog.  A serial piece of fiction entitled A Redundant Life.  Its still hosted on WordPress.  Its serial fiction and the idea will be to see where it goes and let the story and characters develop as they fall.  I will be really particularly interested in reader interaction.  I see that as one of the greatest attractions that serial works have, the likes that Charles Dickens wrote (such as Oliver Twist.)  Hopefully with both you and me I can make a better story.

The idea to write it has been coming to mind more recently with the more effort I have been going to, to prove my illustration abilities for Clan Raven Cub professional ventures.  More and more I have been thinking I should be working to my strengths and writing is one that I seem to have been giving a back seat.  Putting it live like this has made me sit and come back to it on a regular basis (even if the intervals between posts won’t be regular.)

The story is about a young man that has recently been made redundant, and yes while I have gone through that recently, I think it is something a lot of people can also appreciate and I think it has plenty for us all to think on, a different perspective to one we usually think of.

Enjoy and please do take part!


Going pro! (News)

As of last week Clan Raven Cub has made the decision to go professional.  I, Caoimhín, will be acting as a sole-trader.  With this change, which we had planned to do at some point we have a lot of exciting projects and movements coming up.  All ours sites should get a bit of a graphical overhaul.  For more information on what’s going on you can check out our personal blogs.  Mine I shall try to update on a near daily basis.  The blogs should get consistent updating.

Some of the projects going ahead like a few papers on the state of archaeology in the uk, a new poetry book, republishing my first one and finally getting our webcomics online.  We are open for commercial work if anyone wants creative work.  I will be trying to work on some craftwork for ebay sales too.  Watch this space.  Any questions, suggestions…