About the Clan

                         Clan Raven Cub is our group.  We create literary and artistic work.  Until recently it has been individual works made in the material world, no longer with this site.  We have gone digital and successfully so.  We have offered people the chance to enjoy our material online!  This has been incredibly successful for us both for an audience and the new skills and honing we have brought to our art.


                        Clan Raven Cub is artistic.  We paint and sketch, carve and mould.  Clan Raven Cub is literary.  We write and compose, edit and compile.  Clan Raven Cub is web savvy.  We blog and podcast, save and share.  Clan Raven Cub is ready for our new challenge and moving on now we are setting out as a small professional entity.  We will be doing our own creative work and freelance design and creative work where we pick it up.


                        This site was as I termed it in its Alpha state.  Its a Geek’s way of saying it was in the drawing board.  Well now we are at the stage of Beta, as most things seem to be on the web.  It will be an interesting time.  I should have more internet time and honing up my skills so a lot of that will be spent cleaning up this site and our others, increasing the content and the design.  Plus I hope that some of the extra features I have been coming up with – such as increased networking ability – will pay off.


                        As always if art is a process than this site will be art in motion.  It will be added to regularly with words and images.  Enjoy and please get in touch with support or criticism or general advice.




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