About me:

I am a Scottish pagan named Zoe, a Greek name meaning life. I currently live in Cambridge where I work primarily as an archaeologist and osteologist for Oxford Archaeology East. I am a keen writer and I am currently beginning work on my first screenplay.



I began drawing as a child and never stopped. Sketching and pencil drawing is a particular interest of mine. We are looking for an agent for our children’s picture book Little Druid, where I completed all of the hand drawings. Recently I have been developing my work further by moving into the field of digital art.



I am an experienced field archaeologist and I have worked in the UK, Ireland and France on a wide range of sites and projects. As an osteologist I have worked on site and in post-excavation situations where I have written cremation reports and skeletal reports for Oxford archaeology East. I hold an MA in Ancient History and Archaeology (University of St Andrews), a Postgraduate diploma in Professional archaeology (University of Oxford), and an MSc in Human Osteology (University of Sheffield).



I love books and will read anything from classical literature to graphic novels. I enjoy listening to a wide range of music including classic rock, heavy metal and even old fashioned musicals. I am greatly interested in female issues although I would not call myself a traditional feminist.




Samples of My work

 Raggedy Ann

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