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I was born in Ireland with the characteristic name of Caoimhín.  I currently live in Cambridge, England.  I work self-employed in a number of different areas including archaeology, paganism and illustration.  I am also pushing my books and other writings to a stage of publication.



I am an experienced archaeologist, with extensive field archaeology and post excavation experience on a variety of sites.  I hold a degree in archaeology from National University of Ireland Galway (2005).  I have supervised several evaluations and watching briefs.  I have worked for companies across the UK and Ireland including: Headland Archaeology (March 2006 – April 2007), Network Archaeology (April – July 2007).  I worked with Oxford Archaeology East, formally Cam Arc (July 2007 – November 2009) where I successfully trained as a junior graphics officer.  I work with Archaeological & Educational Services since 2009. Now a supervisor I regularly undertake works throughout the UK.  My latest report, Wormanby Farm Watching Brief on behalf of AES is currently pending.



I began writing poetry at an early age and in 2005 self-published and successfully marketed my poetry book Verse and Variation.  I have written numerous novels, the first of which I wrote at the age of 14, all unpublished yet.   I have had two stories for kids written in Irish published in the the anthology Go N’uige Seo in 2005 also.  I am looking for an agent for a children’s picture book, looking for a market for some short stories and editing a novel on life as an archaeologist.



As will quite often come out in my writings and through this site I am a devout, in my own way, pagan.  I am a worshipper of the old Irish Gods, particularly the Morrigan.  I give in mythology, religion and magic.  I also offer readings which can include the use of the runes or the tarot and if you so desire can teach you too how to use these oracles.  Our web comic that hopefully will come up this year, Sacred Profanities, revolves around the lives of the old gods in today’s world!  Furthermore we hope to be able to put up some examples of talisman’s that we make including staffs.



I am a competent archaeological illustrator as well as a general designer.  I have designed a number of logos for businesses as well as worked on designs for larger installations.  My latest writing project has been illustrated wholly by myself and Zoe.  We hope to release an art installation at some point within the year.  My illustrative ability is very creative and detailed.



I love to read all sorts but particularly fantasy with a big love for cyber punk also.  David Gemell is my favourite author.  My love of food would definitely show a desire for red meats and pizza, with Italian food amongst my favourites  On top of this I love to cook and recently pushed myself to begin baking.  Next year I am hoping to continue to brew beer again, having had a break from it this year.  For music good old classic rock being my aural poison of choice with Thin Lizzy being my undoubted heroes.




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