The duties of a (Pagan) Publisher

This post is two-fold, it mainly discusses the role of publishers in general and a pagan publisher secondarily.

I am pagan, most people who know me know that.  At one point I use to trumpet it aloud.  It is very important to me but very personal.  I don’t mean private but personal.  I follow a shamanic route worshipping the old Irish gods and myths.  I find myself less and less needing to discuss and catch up with pagan issues, my faith is quite nearly unique to myself.  Don’t get me wrong pagan studies still interest me but with the lack of free time I have, I spend my spiritual time looking inside.  My own ethos and moral code has been shaped by what I believe and I think its important for me to reflect this.

I feel the role of a publisher is to release and support both the craft (writing and literature as a whole) and to cause change on things they feel are crucial issues by promoting debate.  A publisher’s role is not to tell the reader what to think, it is to promote discussion and debate by printing works that inspire thought.

It is not my intention to publish primarly pagan works, nor to be seen as a publisher whose work is pagan.  What I do desire is to be true to my ethics and to help promote the overlooked and support paganism.  In this end I would like to publish one pagan work, at least.  As a writer (fiction, sci-fi, fantasy) I know and believe how powerful the tool of the novel is, I believe a story can tell more then an essay.  The tool of empathy, that the novel is based about, and putting somebody inside the moral question, forces people to debate the issue with themselves.

So pagan fiction or works that have similar outlooks – such as Little Druid – will be encouraged.  Secondly non-fiction pagan works, especially ones that promote aspects that have gone unrecognised.  Shaman’s Dictionary is an example of this.  It is crucial to me that any works that I release in this category are properly referenced and truthful.  I will not allow our publishing company to be used as a platform for propoganda.  I know many in the pagan sphere will be against this approach feeling that it is conservative and working within the machine of society.  But my first love was books and are as much part of my beliefs as paganism is.  Therefore my first concern will be to create good and truthful books.

What do you think of this?  What do you think is the role of a publisher?  If you are pagan what do you think we should publish in this sphere?



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