Fantasy Dinner Party (Fun)

There is a game in which you pick out your favourite dinner guests, plan out a dinner party in your head; in which you can choose anyone living or dead.  Two conditions that we choose to set for ourselves are real people rather than fictional characters and that you have to fill up ten seats.  Its an interesting puzzle, as it will depend on what and how you like discussion, how the people interact and what topics you find interesting.  Some important factors in your choice are to pick out interesting personalities, how these people would do at a dinner table talking, how they would interact with one another and to match them together so, unless its what your after, certain topics or points of view, don’t overbalance the table.

Caoimhín’s fantasy dinner party guests:


Zoe’s fantasy dinner party guests:




On Visiting the Yprés Salient (Article)

As I write this I am sitting at “The Walker” tabac (pub) in Yprés, Belgium.  I am here with a Bockor, local beer, a pils.  Yes I am making conversation, to turn a phrase.  I am stuck for words slightly, which may be difficult for me.  But let me show you why.



That is the view I have.  The New Menin Gate.  A sea of names and pomp, to quote the poet Sasoon.  I have a small video that I will post up soon on YouTube maybe.  We don’t have long left here, to get home for the evening.  Our job here in Fromelles and the CWGC project draws to a close and so I visited Yprés, as I must.  A troop of British squaddies have just walked by.  Below is a video on Vimeo of the experience.

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And still I have not spoken of the Gate.  I am upset, in ways, but more… Shocked is not quite the word.  Still absorbing, I have come to terms more with what I read in the books of the past since coming over to France, and at first to see so many graves, of so many young men, of so many countries, was a great shock.  Now less a shock more an acceptance of yes that is history.  Sour as it may taste that is reality.



Walking closer, gave me the perspective of Sasoon and the understanding of how he felt.  Walking through it, flooded with names one thing stood out.  “Lest we Forget,” and I wonder what it is we are not to forget.  I wonder whether it is something we have ever remembered.  This colossal loss of life.  This savagery that overcame us as a species.  That still today continues.  That today being here can make us proud, that can fill us with thoughts of individuals, that we only think of the whole.  All such thoughts are blown to the scattered winds like the embers that were blown over the fields of Flandres, while Yprés was shelled for so many years.


I have no answer and I have no ways of how one should think.  Indeed I have no way to consider how I should think.  All I can say for sure is of how the awe of the place, of the event has struck me.  No more shall World War One be merely a prelude to World War Two.  For me I have became history.


A Shaman’s Dictionary (News)

I would like to announce yet again another departure for us, A Shaman’s Dictionary.  I have long been wanting to do a pagan production.  In particular my idea had been a podcast, but with my previous work on In The Brew I decided to try something new and look at doing a video-cast.  For simplicity’s sake I will be trying things out on YouTube and see how it goes.  Because everything is up in the air with us at the moment I can’t guarantee any form of regularity with the different shows.

Video is a particular media and it will make a difference to video, so the format of A Shaman’s Dictionary will be short and encompass a simple discussion of one single concept.  There are many differing pagan shows online but I feel I can contribute and enrich the sphere.  Indeed it is something I feel I have not done right by for far too long.  As a practising Shaman with a very good working knowledge of many different religions, myths, philosophies, spiritual paths and magical traditions my thought had been to highlight, in every show, a concept and to outline its meanings and bring forth a solid cohesive concept for people to take away.  This can help people deepen their basic and fundamental knowledge.

For many pagans philosophical / mental concepts can be at the cornerstone of their faith upon which their rituals and tools are based; for shamanism these concepts are the tools we use to transform and conduct our lives.

To visit the show click here.

To sum up for those of you who want, join us both on YouTube for our regular shows for a deeper view on life.