Fromelles the sequel (News)

Alright so those of you keeping track will know that recently there has been nothing to keep track of.  I have been quiet across the board, a mix of time-out, no time and no web-time.  If you can recall months ago Zoe left for France well I have now joined her.  I have been employed to work on this project for Oxford Archaeology and hopefully continue on back in the UK with them following this.  It will mean that Clan Raven Cub takes a different slant and we think that, with our personal goals taken into consideration we are focusing on the creation creative / otherwise projects but not on their production.  Still if interested do get in touch.  On top of this my computer blew and our backup too so a lot of our creative work is gone.  But that is more of a time waste than a serious problem.  Unfortunately it does push back my learning of flash but hey ho.

News over.  To the project, not much can be said due to the current and sensitive  nature of the project.  But I feel it important for me to emphasise just how moving and awe-inspiring an event this is to be involved in.  As a historian it has obvious importance, as a student I have learnt so much from the anthropologists present both in terms of archaeology and the evolution of the human form, as a deeply spiritual and ethical individual the scale and the reality is humbling, as an Irish man it blows me away – to empathise with men whose shoes I may well have been in one hundred years ago.  As a human it is one of the… deepest experiences I have encountered.  That is the word that most describes the experience for me.

I am enjoying France, the beer – which I will be doing a special about on In The Brew, the fresh produce to cook with, enjoying working with again and the sense of purpose that comes with earning money for yourself.  I will be looking to write a blogpost for the central site for the project.



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