Going Redundant! (News)

Don’t worry, the title is a mix of this news article and the last news article.  As of Monday I realised a new blog.  A serial piece of fiction entitled A Redundant Life.  Its still hosted on WordPress.  Its serial fiction and the idea will be to see where it goes and let the story and characters develop as they fall.  I will be really particularly interested in reader interaction.  I see that as one of the greatest attractions that serial works have, the likes that Charles Dickens wrote (such as Oliver Twist.)  Hopefully with both you and me I can make a better story.

The idea to write it has been coming to mind more recently with the more effort I have been going to, to prove my illustration abilities for Clan Raven Cub professional ventures.  More and more I have been thinking I should be working to my strengths and writing is one that I seem to have been giving a back seat.  Putting it live like this has made me sit and come back to it on a regular basis (even if the intervals between posts won’t be regular.)

The story is about a young man that has recently been made redundant, and yes while I have gone through that recently, I think it is something a lot of people can also appreciate and I think it has plenty for us all to think on, a different perspective to one we usually think of.

Enjoy and please do take part!



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