Redundancy (News)

Right now we are facing redundancy measures at our place of work, that doesn’t mean we will be let go.  But for now we have been incredibly busy.  Unfortunately we had been just launching a big program of work on our Clan sites and because of this I have not had the time to work on anything.  I do hope to tidy up some of the projects I had started and hopefully it won’t affect those that much longer then a month or two.  On an upnote I have passed my drivers theory test and hopefully Ireland will win Scotland and be on from for the Grand Slam.  But for now just keeping you all informed.  The other thing to note is my decision to move Libre Source, this is due to it currently residing on the servers of the company we currently are employed by.  This will take place over the period of the next month.  That’s it for now.  Wish us luck!  🙂



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