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Fromelles is the site and name of a famous, or more accurately infamous, World War 1 war site.  The small town is in the north east of France, near to the border to Belgium.  The battle took place between Germany and Britain, of which Australia was a still a part of at that time (see below note.) The inscription on the Australian war memorial there reads “the worst 24 hours in Australia’s entire history,” understandably so after the death of more Australians, 5553, in a single day than any other battle, outside of later battles taking part within World War 1.  Fromelles was to be a divisionary attack for the push at the Somme but this entire attack was unsuccessful, unnecessary and itself a total failure.

Why this posting?  In 2008 eight more mass graves were discovered.  These bodies are to be reburied respectfully at a new cemetery site close to the present site, each body now receiving an individual grave.  Oxford Archaeology will be taking part in this project and Zoe, as a trained osteologist, so far seems to be part of the team they will be sending over there.  The project will begin in late Spring and last until late Summer.

This has obvious impacts on us a group.  It will give us various different insights into being apart and so on.  On top of this Zoe will be working with the recently dead, as they are still classed.  The ideas of these will hopefully lead Zoe to writing some small ideas on what this gives her about life and also how this impacts on her religious beliefs.

This article will act as a small summary of what Fromelles is about for all of those interested that have asked us for more information.

For more information read the very comprehensive article in Wikipedia on Fromelles and the many many excellent and interesting articles by many papers and magazines published online, easily found through a Google search.



To clarify as has been pointed out in a comment below Australia became self-governing in the late second half of the 19th century.  The colonies became a federation but were not however independent and were classed as a dominion of the British Empire.  The AIF, Australian Imperial Force, were therefore still British forces.


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  1. There is a serious error in the above article. While Australia was at war with Britain, it was not and had not been for quite some time a part of Britain. The Australian colonies had been independant of Britain for years, and late in the 19th century decided to unite into a single country, which it did formally on January 1 1901.

    WW1 was the first war in which Australians took part as Australians. Australians had previously engaged in the Boer War with Britain, but they did so representing their Australian states.

    • I apologize. The information I recieved on Australlia and its independence came from the Australian state website and stated that their was no defined moment when independence occured and happened mid twentieth century. I will add to the article this evening to reflect your point, whichever the case. Thank you.

  2. […] quiet across the board, a mix of time-out, no time and no web-time.  If you can recall months ago Zoe left for France well I have now joined her.  I have been employed to work on this project for Oxford Archaeology […]

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