Wearing Imperial Purple for Epilepsy (Article)

Epilepsy is something most people have heard of before.  Most people have probably even came into contact with it as well.  Approximately one in a hundred people are affected by it.  Even if you are not epileptic you can have a fit.  More than one in ten people will have an epileptic fit in their lifetime. 

March 26th is International Epilepsy day  Purple Day  Lavender is the international colour of epilepsy, fittingly Julius Caesar, the Emperor of Rome suffered from epilepsy.  As Zoe is an archaeologist, purple day therefore has a very apt meaning.  On this day it would be much appreciated if you took the time to wear the Imperial Purple of Rome and think for five minutes what it would be like to have an epileptic fit.

The official poster is here

First Aid for epilepsy

Purple Day was organised to raise awareness of epilepsy by Cassidy Megan a 9 year old from Canada who is proud of who she is!  It is important to note that here in the UK the main charities are focusing on Epilepsy awareness week at the end of May.  For anyone wanting to learn more or have contact here in Britain contact Epilepsy Action or in Ireland contact Brainwave.  Brainwave are supporting Purple Day.  For any other country a good place to start is the Purple Day website itself.

We hope to put in a series of articles from Zoe on her perspective of what it meant to have a fit in front of people.

For me, one of my most scary experiences is looking into Zoe’s eyes after an Absence and seeing absolutely no recognition.  She had no idea who I was or how she came to be there.  She had to trust she was supposed to be there; the idea that a person could ever be that vulnerable is terrifying.  The fact that epileptics become so used to it that they learn to be ok with it, to presume things are ok so that they can cope is even more frightening.  Epilepsy leaves a person trapped, forever waiting for a total lack of control to happen whenever they least expect it.  Think of the Hulk.  Only much less glamorous.  The motto of Epilepsy Action is Take Control, because it is up to epileptics to overcome the shame and fear that fits cause any person that would ever undergo that type of public experience.  To overcome this personal stigma.  And be proud people that walk around and contribute and live in the world we live in, and have contributed since well before Julius Caesar.  My admiration and respect goes out to every epileptic and parent of, that faces those challenges and that fear every day and yet conquers it!


Some quick realities:

Epilepsy can not be caught, its not contagious

Epilepsy can develop at any age

There is no cure for epilepsy

Anyone, including people without epilepsy, can have an epileptic fit

Most epilepsy can be controlled in a manner of forms; 10% of epileptics can undergo surgery to remove the area of seizure focus ending seizure activity, more than 50% can be successfully medicated.

Kids can grow out of epilepsy and adults can undergo remission

Epilepsy has different strengths

Epilepsy has many different forms

Most epileptics feel the psychological effects of epilepsy the biggest challenge and difficulty

Epilepsy can be but is not always inherited




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