Reviews of the world, starting with Cambridge (News)

As of this Saturday Clan Raven Cub launched our new blog, Puppy Journeys.  The web address is  We are continuing to find our way with blogs and the internet as well as pushing forward the company.  Puppy Journeys is a review site, how its starting off for now anyway, and will give our reviews on the places we go and the things we see.  We began with the Museum of Classical archaeology in cambridge.  Its our plan to stay with Cambridge for a while, us living here helps, but also because it can provide a nice resource for places to see and unusual sites within the area.  We are particularly keen to promote the small attractions that are less well known.  We also plan on putting photos, where possible and all the information needed, contact info, opening hours.  The normal things.

Enjoy the sights.  Hopefully it will tie into a future project we have up and coming!



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