Wolf Calls (Poem)


The blood burns and the moon calls,
Can you feel it deep within you,
Can you hear the call?

Wolves and dogs we all are,
Fur in the cloaks of humans,
Little waggly tailed pups,
Sheep for the true hounds.

Every often one runs wild and calls the pack,
Instinct leads to us,
We howoool back and join and run and savage,
Dogs wild and bloody are we.

But I look upon you, Down,
For I stand not for the glory of the kill,
The juice and cloy stir not my heart,
I live for the hunt the stalk,
I look upon your petty packs and watch,
As you tear your lives and worlds asunder,
In the denial of your canine hearts,
As you rip the life and soul from your cubs,
With messages of sex and drugs and alcohol,
When puppies have the teeth for nothing but mother’s milk,
Bitches all become vixens no more.