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                         As yet we are still working on the site in general but already after much thinking, and using concepts with an actual face now, I have rethought a lot of my strategy.  A future shape I plan for us to take, and I do stress a, and this idea is very much an alpha concept is the idea of web-art.  A new shared art made for the people to be shared and creatively common but also to be of the people that surround me and connect with me through this website and hopefully further.  This comes after looking at a lot of the works by famour internet artist Johnathan Harris.  During this weekend our first few stuff should go up on here as well as our first webcomic, Sacred Profanities and its own sub-blog.  Any tips our suggestions as to what internet art and internet creative material is get in touch!


See Jonathan Harris’s Ted Talk

Jonathan Harris own site Number 27




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  1. […] were quite unfocused and we originally decided to put up just a small portfolio, interspersed with some messy posts on where we were planning to […]

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