Premier (News)

                         So this is the first post on our first version of a website.  For a while I wasn’t sure whether this was a first attempt or version.  The difference in my mind is that this site has achieved what we want it to and will continue to grow into what we want it to.  For anyone who stumbles on this within the next week, without very much to see all I can say is come back soon because I promise you more material.  I am hoping to have this as a well updated easy to read and travel site.


                         The whole point of it is our home online, both a communication portal – for those who want to hire us, offer us material or enjoy our works, a way in which we can produce and share our entertainments with the wider world and a series or articles and material that people can enjoy.


                         With that I will leave this post and wait until I can back it up with more than just words with…. pretty words in stories instead?




                         An edition to this earlier post is a new direction, we decided that we wouldn’t be selling our dubious wares out just yet and decided to focus on the pure art side of things and what we can contribute.  Hope people enjoy what we get up here over the course of the next week.


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